About Us

Our Founder

Todd Shulman has worked in law enforcement his entire adult life; he began as a military police person in the US Army, serving during the First Gulf War. Later becoming a police officer in California, Todd currently serves at the Napa Police Department. He has held positions within the police department as a detective, training officer, crime scene specialist, corporal, cold case investigator and Sergeant. Todd formed the non-profit Napa Police Historical Society in 2006, and continues today as its President.

Published Books

Todd has written three books with the support of the NPHS, which are largely sourced from the NPHS collections & archives. Autographed copies are available for purchase in our Store!

  • Napa County Police
    Published in 2007, Napa County Police chronicles organized law enforcement in Napa County, California beginning in 1850 through today.
  • Murder and Mayhem in the Napa Valley
    Published in 2012, Murder and Mayhem retells the stories of Napa California's most infamous muders and crimes.
Our Team

Board of Directors

The Napa Police Historical Society team works diligently to preserve, honor, and educate the public on the rich history of the Napa Police Department in California's wine country.
Chief Jennifer Gonzales
Honorary Board Member: Chief Gonzales has served as the Chief of the NPD since 2020. She has been a strong supporter of the NPHS and it's mission.
Mike Walund
Treasurer: Mike has over 25 years experience as a police officer and served as a Sergeant before retiring in 2022.
Steve Potter
Honorary Board Member: Steve Potter has served the citizens of Napa for over 30 years, rising to Chief in 2015. After retiring as Chief he became Napa's City Manager, a position he still holds. He has been a constant supporter of the NPHS mission.