Vehicle Fleet

Vintage Vehicles

The Napa Police Historical Society currently has two vehicles in its rolling stock vehicle fleet: a 1957 Ford Custom 300 and a 2000 Ford Crown Victoria.

  • Ford Custom 300 (#225)
  • Ford Crown Victoria (#1305)
Vehicle #225 is a reproduction of the vehicles used by the Napa Police in 1957. It was restored in 2009-2010 during an all-volunteer effort that included local vintage car enthusiasts, labor donated by local businesses, and funds donated by members of the Society and community. It has participated in numerous local parades and car shows, winning awards and accolades.
Vehicle #1305 entered service in 2000. It served as one of two patrol supervisor vehicles during the bulk of its career, then as a School Resource Officer (SRO) vehicle. It was the last patrol car to utilize non-LED overhead red/blue lightbar, and was the first to employ an in-car Mobile Data Computer (MDC). It was retired in 2009, and donated to the Society by the City of Napa.